Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Their Perfume, My Life

Last week I stopped a woman at an event and asked her what perfume she was wearing. I tried guessing: “Eau Du Soir by Sisley,” I ventured. “No, Aromatics Elixer by Clinique," she replied. “Everyone asks me that when I wear it.” I don’t know this woman very well, but I will always remember her by that scent.

My earliest perfume-related memories are provided by my mom. Her dressing table was always filled with several exquisite glass bottles of iconic scents: Calvin Klein Obsession, Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, Chanel No. 5, and Christian Dior Poison, but the scent she wore regularly, year after year, was Oscar de la Renta Oscar. I have a picture of her in my head: She’s picking me up from school wearing a fur coat in our larger-than-life Cadillac. I step into the car and it’s filled with that dewy, sweet concoction. I’m so proud to hitch a ride with my glamourous mom.

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