Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How I fight aging — and it's not all about the product

I’m at that age when my birthday cake arrives with one candle on it as a sort of “you-know-what-we-mean” gesture. Hey, I’m always happy when cake is involved, but boy do birthdays lose their lustre past the age of 12. 

To make matters even worse, I was born in January, painfully close to Christmas. Kids don’t see the common sense in combined Christmas/birthday presents.

I’m happy to say that I had a great birthday this year. The day started out wonderfully, in fact. My mom took me to Avenue Diner for an amazing lunch — what a great spot! Then later that day my friend Natalie and I went to loungeburgerAfter dinner we decided to go see Black Swan. I sat enthralled as I watched Natalie Portman twirl, leap and go crazy right before my very eyes. Psychosis aside, she looked great in her lightweight cotton dance gear and over-the-top Rodarte tutus. I noticed that there were lots of close-ups on her face — that woman has great skin. When I got home I inspected my own face for any new signs of aging.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Check out my first blog as City Editor at

Hi there, I am so happy to announce that I'm the new Calgary Editor at I absolutely love working for this amazing site and the amazing group of people that make it happen. Here is my first blog entry:

"Picture this: I’m driving south on Macleod Trail in my brother’s 1998 Grand Marquis to meet my friend Shauna at Canyon Meadows Cinemas. It’s dark and snowing lightly. (Please note that I’ve never been fully convinced my night vision is very good.) The low fuel light flashes on and I begin to weave my way into the right hand lane; however, the fast-moving bumper-to-bumper traffic makes this impossible and I decide to fill up after I pass Glenmore. 
My eye starts to twitch and I instinctively rub it. This causes my contact lens to slide into that mysterious place it sometimes goes behind my eye socket. But it doesn’t come back! My depth perception fades and I start to white knuckle it as I roll my eyes upward, coaxing my contact lens to return to its rightful home on my cornea. I think to myself, “This would never happen in Toronto.”