Friday, May 25, 2007

Good looks for the summer!

Here are a few of my essentials for summer:

1. Clean and fresh skin - Skip over tanning and opt for natural skin. Your face will get hits of sun naturally all summer and that looks much better than all-around bronzing. If you must bronze, go for a light misting of a high quality self tanner -- my favorite is Sublime Bronze by L'Oreal or dust some good powder across your forehead and cheeks. Some good brands with strong bronzing powers are Bobby Brown, Clinique and Armani.

Use foundation and concealer sparingly -- or better yet, just dot a small amount of foundation where needed in place of concealer. Lip gloss is your best summer friend -- try Lancome or Kiehls. Eyes can be minimal -- a light layer of mascara is fine.

2. Clean and fresh hair! Nothing looks better than a well coiffed pony tail when the humidity and temperature rises. Stay away from getting 'summer' dye jobs or streaks. Natural is always best.

3. Why not try a wide-leg linen trouser and a simple white tank top or tee? Finish it off with a wide brimmed straw hat and a slouchy, big bag. You'll look like a million bucks and feel ten degrees cooler than people in hip-hugging denim.

Paul Smith, Spring/Summer 2007

4. I'm not even sure if they're in or out or whatever, but I LOVE espadrilles! Whether they're flats or wedges, low to the ground or dangeroulsy high, I think they are amoung the best options for summer. And this is an area of footwear where you can spend little or lots -- although I don't see why the Payless options should be excluded:

Payless - 20 dollars!

Monday, May 21, 2007

What is be-spoken?

You may ask? Bespoke means custom made (usually in relation to clothing) -- and I always love a play on words so I added an 'n.' Wittily enough, I've now made two meanings -- custom made clothing and the act of speaking. Catching on?

To be honest, I'm tired of sites that tear down people's personal style and demoralize the masses. What I intend to do is celebrate fashion, style and the courage to dress. For I think it is a sign of true joie de vivre to take the time to look good everyday.

Armed with my trusty digital camera (and my Nikon SLR if I ever figure out how to use it) I'm going to display what I think is right and good in the world of STYLE. Oh, but I won't be limited to clothing because style transcends the clothing on your back, it takes shape in the way you live.

Perhaps I'll even sit down with my favorite fashionistas and ask them to impart some of their wisdom on my readers. Enjoy.