Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where are we going?

The fashion world's preoccupation with predicting trends is akin to some people's fascination with having their future told to them. Just this morning I had a brief conversation with a colleague about "Lorraine the clairvoyant," the mystic woman who reads tarot cards and tea leaves every Tuesday night at my local coffee shop. She really plays it up too -- head wrapped in a muslin scarf, flowing blouse, sitting by herself in the corner of the room beckoning those who need to know: What's going to happen next?

The future never happens -- we can only live in the present. So why the need to predict?

The answer is clear -- pure, uninhibited curiosity. How boring would it be if the world lacked soothsayers, fortune tellers and forecasters? Part of the fun, admittedly, is hindsight and the capability of seeing how wrong most predictions were. How wrong do most of the trends from the 1980's look now? But, then again, how right did it feel to lust after and then finally obtain the latest hypercolor t-shirt that was not yet available in Canada but luckily found on a family trip south of the border? I regress....

Looks like wing motifs are big on the fall runways. Could work. But I see a lot of possibility for big bird disasters if this trend falls into the wrong hands. (You know who you are).

Marchesa Fall 2008

Also Prada's new shoes look like Home Shopping Club Capodimonte. Kind of desirable, but how will it translate when real shoppers open their purses?

Prada Spring 2008

For years I've been thinking that the sailor look is going to be the next big thing. While I will forever love this style, will I also forever look like a captain with no ship?

Ricky Zayshley Spring 2007

Needless to say, Spring will come and pass -- same with Fall, then Winter -- and the furiously fashionable will predict, act, then reflect. But I say, as long as you're living in the moment and feeling the age (or Zeitgeist, as we like to say at FQ) and truly experiencing your environs, that's all that matters. Non?