Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Guardian of Greenwich

Don't you just want to eat him up? This little man was perched on his owner's window sill and Natalie and I had the pleasure of seeing him after brunch at Pastis. We had such an amazing morning. After a wonderful brunch at New York's chicest spot, we hopped into Christian Louboutin, then Donna Karen's new charity shoppe on route to Bliss SoHo for our manicures.

New York City is truly magical and it's made me think differently about life and living. Every step of the way I kept saying to myself, "I don't want to leave!" How could I ever go back to Toronto? This city is filled to the brim with talent, energy, vim and vigour.

But you know what?

So is Toronto or any place if you bring all those things to the table. I think living is an art and as and aficionado you must develop your eye and your senses. Like a curator of life, you must appraise each day and recognize the beauty that surrounds you. And not just the obvious. Trees and flowers and blue skies are wonderful, but sometimes the true pleasures in life reside in potential.

Hate to wake up in the morning? You wouldn't if you know the finest cup of coffee or the most fragrant cup of tea is waiting for you. Hate the transit ride to work? Why would you if you're reading Vogue or your favorite novella. Can't find an amazing restaurant? Learn how to cook.

Seems to me that New Yorkers are good at making the most of the potential that their city offers them. It could be a dismal place if they let it be. And I'm sure there are plenty of dismal people there. But the overall effect is pure energy!