Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How I fight aging — and it's not all about the product

I’m at that age when my birthday cake arrives with one candle on it as a sort of “you-know-what-we-mean” gesture. Hey, I’m always happy when cake is involved, but boy do birthdays lose their lustre past the age of 12. 

To make matters even worse, I was born in January, painfully close to Christmas. Kids don’t see the common sense in combined Christmas/birthday presents.

I’m happy to say that I had a great birthday this year. The day started out wonderfully, in fact. My mom took me to Avenue Diner for an amazing lunch — what a great spot! Then later that day my friend Natalie and I went to loungeburgerAfter dinner we decided to go see Black Swan. I sat enthralled as I watched Natalie Portman twirl, leap and go crazy right before my very eyes. Psychosis aside, she looked great in her lightweight cotton dance gear and over-the-top Rodarte tutus. I noticed that there were lots of close-ups on her face — that woman has great skin. When I got home I inspected my own face for any new signs of aging.

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